Welcome to the Native Now Nation

Welcome to our new website!

I am so glad to see so many people gathering and sharing ideas and connections on our facebook page. We will continue to post Native history and significant dates in the timeline of our existence and we welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can make both our facebook page and our website better over time.

Today, Thursday February 27th 2014 our CEO Lew Hastings will be giving a lecture that hopefully will open some eyes about United States Indian Policy through the years and the conditions that exist on some of the reservations throughout North America. We will try and get a video of that lecture and share it here if possible. The goal is to raise awareness not only about how far we have come regarding US policy regarding Indian Country but also how far we have yet to go to get to some semblance of a level playing field as it pertains to self determination and self governance.

So as we move forward in acquiring our 501c3 designation and raising money to lift up those in greatest need in Indian Country, we will be reporting back to you regularly through this blog as to our progress.


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