Our mission of providing a success driven support system based on outreach, relationship building and on-going training to eligible businesses and individuals with the assistance of our partner organizations is a combination we think can become a model for economically distressed communities throughout our country. We will help advance research, education, and training programs designed to further tribal sovereignty and self-determination through entrepreneurship and housing opportunities at every level.


The Native Now Foundation (NNF) board and members hold a vision of healthy and sustainable tribal communities.

This vision inspires and motivates engagement through our mission to promote self determination grounded in Native values and traditions.

To advance the mission of NNF, our framework for the future is centered on three strategic directions:


  • Engage Native and non-Native partners to focus on sustainable Native communities
  • Empower each other to be effective practitioners of sustainability, sovereignty and self-determination.
  • Make History -participate in dynamic activities and programs that strengthen leadership skills and promote economic growth.