$10 Tuesdays



Sometimes all it takes is a little grassroots organizing to make a difference.
On $10 Tuesday our collective support can go a long, long way.
Your $10 will go toward new mattresses for the volunteer quarters of Okiciyapi Tipi Housing Partnerships which houses groups of people from around the country who come to the reservation throughout the summer to help work in one of the most economically challenged communities in this country.
Your $10 will go toward scholarships for Sitting Bull College whose facility and first class faculty are geared toward building bright futures for the young people of the Standing Rock Lakota Reservation and beyond.
Your $10 will go towards building supplies for Okiciyapi Tipi to ensure that whatever the renovation need, the families who benefit will have a better chance at weathering the powerful winters of the northern plains.
Your $10 will help jump start programs that empower a thankful Nation whose people need a hand up from friends, family and neighbors like you.
You can make a difference.

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